Message from the President

Orion Machinery Co., Ltd, was founded in January 1954 as a manufacturer specialized in automated packaging machinery and energy saving devices.

Our business has been successfully growing. We are very grateful for our customers’ continued support.

Our products are produced with our technologies we have developed over a half century, our profound experience and achievement. The business environment around packaging has been significantly changed over time.

We will further commit to improve our product development technologies and service systems in order to meet needs in all areas of the packaging industry which will increasingly be diversified.

We have also encouraged communication between engineers with different specializations, continued to engage with research and development and had a successful outcome.

We believe we can contribute to success and development of each of our customers and the packaging industry by committing to manufacture unique packaging machinery with an outlook of 10-20 years in areas including streamlining, safety and social and environmental situations.

We will continue to make steady efforts. We hope we can receive your continued cooperation and support as always.

Orion Machinery Co., Ltd
Nobuo Nakamura, President